ESPCI Paris is both an engineering Grande École and research centre, and its core roles - and civic ones - are the transmission, creation, widespread dissemination and development of scientific knowledge and skill.

Convinced that only proficiency in both transdisciplinary knowledge and skills will enable increasingly complex technological challenges to be dealt with, ESPCI Paris provides its engineering students with a truly cross-curricular education in mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology, without neglecting the basic knowledge of business.

ESPCI Paris is home to 17 cutting-edge research laboratories at the boundaries of scientific knowledge and experimental expertise.

A remarkably effective entrepreneurial culture that makes technological innovation the essential driver of commercial success was created from constant encounters with industrial opportunities. The scientists at ESPCI Paris lodge a patent per week to develop inventions and discoveries from their research which is remarkably productive. Each year, several start-ups are created by the École's researchers and graduates.


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