Institut d’Optique Graduate School


Created in 1920 and better known under the name SupOptique, the Institut d’Optique Graduate School (IOGS) is an engineering Grande École whose international reputation is based on both the quality of education it provides, on the significant scientific contributions of its research centre and on its close links with industry.  

The Institut d’Optique Graduate School, which is based at Palaiseau, Saint-Etienne and Bordeaux, is actually the leading western educational centre in optics at engineering degree, research master and doctorate level, in terms of the number of graduates, firms created and by the extent of its training.

The Institut d'Optique Graduate School also incorporates a successful laboratory with an international reputation, the Institut d'Optique Laboratoire Charles Fabry (LCFIO), which covers the different fields of optics from A to Z , from the most basic (quantum optics) to the more applied (specific optical components).  

The institute also has a research and development partnership role which has earned it a "Carnot Label", a label which distinguishes institutions conducting a high proportion of research in association with industry.


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Pierre Baladi, Head of the Office for international relations, tells us about Institut d'Optique

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